Saturday, November 24, 2012

Book Signing With Author Frederick Ramsay

Sharing a book signing with a well known author has got to be a delight; and this one, at "Sunsational Coffee"  in Surprise, AZ was all of that! Frederick Ramsay introduced his latest novel, Scone Island, while I focused on the adventures of my time travelers.

It was "Shop Small Business Saturday," following the Black Friday madness from the prior day. Most of the customers just wanted a cup of coffee or a frappe, but visited our booths and made some holiday purchases, which delighted both of us!

The pictures include ( top to bottom ) Frederick Ramsay and his wife, Susan with a customer. My table and my table with a customer. 

Looking forward to more of these holiday venues!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wonderful Workshop at Premier Charter High School, Phoenix, AZ

It's always a wonderful feeling to get into a classroom and discuss the writing process with students. But it's especially rewarding when those students are reading your novel as part of their curriculum. Such was the case for me this week when I visited Premier Charter High School in Phoenix.

The students are midway through Ripple Rider: An Anguillan Adventure in Time so we had lots to talk about. They were enjoying the shifting points of view from the characters as well as the setting.
This class was engaged, interested and so much fun to work with!

Hope to return in the spring!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's The Aroma For Your Writing?

As if I didn’t have enough to think about, someone recently asked me if I used any type of aroma while I write my novels. 

“Aroma? You mean something other than the kitty litter smell drifting down the hallway and into my computer room/guest bedroom/storage room?”

“Yes. Aromas. Like aromatherapy. I’ve heard it’s the latest thing among writers. And I’m sure famous authors have their own special blends.”

I knew I was out of the loop when it came to technology, but aromas? Honestly? When did this happen?  I was fascinated.

“You’re telling me that writers infuse their area with special aromas while they write?”

“Exactly. And depending upon what is going on in their novels, the aroma can be spicy, fragrant, soft, woodsy, you know…anything.”

“Actually, I really don’t. I mean, sure, there are lots of smells that drift into my computer room, like burnt toast or bacon frying, but nothing that’s done on purpose to create a mood.”

“Well, you should try it. I heard Romance novelists use lavender or vanilla when it comes to creating the dialogue. And other authors are burning clove or woodsy candles when they’re in the middle of writing a crime thriller.”

“Burning candles, huh? The cats and I would manage to burn the house down.”

“Then consider essential oils.”

“No problem. I’ve got olive, extra virgin olive and vegetable.”

“Don’t be funny. I mean fragrance diffusers gently wafting a scent that will energize you and make you sit up and take notice.”

“I already have that. It’s the dog. He sits under the desk and believe me, if some of those scents of his don’t energize or move me, then nothing will.” 

The person just looked at me and shook their head.

“You know, Ann, at this rate you’ll never get on the NY Times Bestseller List.”

 Maybe they were on to something. But frankly, I like working in my own comfortable setting, not a fragrance infused showroom. But then again, would it really hurt to remove the dog and spray some Glade?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Local Author's Newest YA Mystery-Suspense Novel Takes Readers To The Storming Of The Bastille In Paris, France, 1789


            Ann I. Goldfarb’s fifth YA mystery-suspense novel has just been released. Goldfarb introduced it at the Avondale (Phoenix, AZ ) Writers Conference on November 3, 2012, where she was a presenter. “Writing to entice, engage and educate young adults has been a passion for me,” said Goldfarb. “Page turning suspense with twists and turns is a must.”
            Long before the Eiffel Tower, stood the Bastille…
            When 15 year old Ryn and his younger sister Aeden find themselves in Paris, France due to the murder of a distant relative, they cannot resist the temptation to travel back in time to find the killer. Although they think they have mastered Snell’s Law of Refraction and a way to use light for time travel, something goes terribly wrong. The pair finds themselves in 18th century Paris a day before the storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution.
            To make matters worse, they are lost in the underground sewers and their only hope of survival rests with a member of a secret society of revolutionaries who is bent on killing the aristocracy. When Ryn and Aeden learn that his next victim is their ancestor, who has sought refuge in the Bastille, they are forced to conceal their identities and find a way into that fortress to rescue him.
            The Bastille itself becomes their enemy as they fight their way through mazes, traps and dead-ends, simply to come face to face with the very man who is intent on ending their bloodline. Knowing that he is the only person who can get them safely out of The Bastille, Ryn and Aeden are forced to make some difficult choices. Unbeknown to them, another killer is at large – a madwoman bent on revenge and determined to end their lives as well.  
With a bloodthirsty mob of angry citizens only hours away, Ryn and Aeden must rely on their instincts and skill to escape a frightening fate. Will time be their ally or their enemy?  
The novel is her second in the “Light Riders” series and is available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit for more information, including book signings, contests and events. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quick Pics From The Avondale Writers Conference 2012

It's wonderful when a writers conference takes place in your own backyard! It was an amazing opportunity for me to present two sessions at this event. Also had a bit of time to chat with other authors and rub elbows with some classy agents. ( Too bad they didn't represent my genre ). Still...I managed to take away some valuable information and insights.

Sorry that my pics are dark. The lighting wasn't the best for my small digital camera. The auditorium pic is agent Gordon Warnock from Andrea Hurst Literary Management, delivering the keynote address. I tried to capture the movement of the conference in the other snapshots. Good thing I'm a writer and not a photographer.

Hopefully aspiring and published authors will join us again next year for the Avondale ( Phoenix ) Writers Conference!